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We’re passionate about helping entrepreneurs change the world and build a better tomorrow.

Throughout history, entrepreneurs have always emerged to tackle problems with innovative solutions, driving civilization forward in areas such as renewable energy, space exploration, blockchain and now AI. We are thrilled to work alongside them on their awesome journey.

Software Development Partner

We provide a full-service, world-class digital product design and development, from validating your hypothesis, building your dedicated team, launching an MVP, and right through to commercialisation, accelerating growth, and ongoing support.

Co-Build & Co-Invest Partner

The TeraVault founding team is comprised of experience entrepreneurs who have founded, scaled and exited technology companies in Australia, Canada, the US, the UK, Thailand and the Philippines. It is critical to have supportive and genuine partners around you, providing technical advice to culture and business strategy to investments, capital raising, and expansion to other countries. We love getting our hands dirty and working alongside amazing founders.

Cyber Protect

It is essential and often overlooked to protect your digital product and your customers information in our current world. We provide comprehensive cyber-security testing to identify and address potential vulnerabilities in your digital product and protect your digital business and long-term investment.


We assist companies in reducing costs, limiting liabilities, streamlining processes, and increasing efficiency by hiring remote dedicated employees from our secure office in the Philippines. Our TeraVault BPO process is transparent, professional, IP and Data protection, and an extension of your team overseas without the high expenses, regulations and risks. Our expertise in delivering the best of both worlds with a remote workforces + professionalism is unparalleled.

Feel Like A Local Wherever You Go™ Tripian is an all-in-one travel ecosystem, equipped with an A.I. powered recommendation engine, empowering travel brands to deliver seamless and highly personalized travel experiences to their customers. We work with financial institutions, OTAs, airlines, loyalty programs, EVs, concierge service providers, hotel chains, cruise liners and tourism boards around the globe.

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TeraVault Culture

The success and soul of our company is our team.

People + Culture

  • We’ve created a happy, supportive and trusting culture. We take care of our employees like family.

  • Daily lunch allowance, free coffee, soft drinks, snacks, noodles and beers! #FreeBeers

  • We have a no @$$hole, no ego policy (that includes the founders!) Everyone is respected, valued and has a voice.

  • Life@Work should be fun. Birthdays are special events, welcome lunches, parties, and team bonding events – we make up any excuse to have fun together.

  • Diversity is important at TeraVault, and we are proud to say that we have a high 47.8% female ratio in our workplace and some are in leadership positions.

  • We offer competitive salary and other attractive incentives such as government contribution and the highest private health cover is on us – we value our employees and genuinely care for them (just ask them)

We’re working hard to be the No. 1 best place to work

  • We demonstrated our genuine care for each other during many adversities, such as natural disasters and global pandemics. There was no job loss or salary reduction, but we went the extra mile by providing support for them and their families. Instead of destroying us, we became even closer and stronger together.

  • Working with the TeraVault Foundation on our charity initiatives and giving back to the community

  • We’re working with exceptional founders and building extraordinary products and challenges; we have a support culture for each other so that everyone is learning something new and doing their life’s work.

  • We’re only just getting started. We’re listening to everyone, learning, and adapting so we can become the No. 1 best place to work.