Hire Elite Onshore and Offshore Technology Talent

With the rise of the global economy and the rapid advances in communication technology, we feel businesses now more than ever have the tools necessary to allow them to have an intense focus on their core business.


TeraVault is a HR-as-a-Service company that helps businesses achieve this goal by augmenting their existing staff with elite onshore and offshore technology talent from USA, Canada and Philippines.

TeraVault has management and sales offices in Honolulu, Hawaii; Los Angeles, California; and Sydney, Australia.


Higher Value and ROI

Outsourcing increases value to a project and a return on investment in human capital.  Hiring specialized talent reduces the onboarding time and provides projects with the supporting skill-sets to deliver on time and on budget.

Get Expertise that You Lack

There is a lot of talent available in many countries that specialize in various platforms and technologies.

Focus on Core Activities

Companies can focus on their core expertise, freeing up more time and human resources to focus on building their business and marketing their products and services.


One of the Top Outsourcing 
Countries in the World

The Philippines is among the top 5 of the Top 50 “Digital Nations” for outsourcing, with leaders like India and Brazil according to “Tholons Services Globalization Index”.

Large Pool of Technology Talent

The Philippines universities produce over 130,000 graduates in information technology and engineering each year.

English Fluency

The Philippines is in the top 5 of English-speaking countries. They scored high on the EF English Proficiency Index, which attempts to rank countries by the average level of English language skills, ranking #14 out of 88 countries.

North American Culture

The Philippines is a country that has varied cultural influences. Most of these influences are results of previous colonization, deriving mainly from the culture of Spain and the United States


Access to Elite Technology Talent from USA, Canada and Philippines

Our team works closely with you in learning your technical needs and finding the ideal resource to address those needs.

100% Dedicated Resource Working on Your Project Schedule

Once a resource is hired, they work full time on your project and schedule.

100% Management Control

Our team supports your needs throughout the entire process including the recruitment and HR management of your resource.


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