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Almost there with nyah rylie – second single

almost by nyah rylie

almost is the second single out by nyah rylie and featuring dylan liam. Mixed and mastered from her studio session in London, U.K. Produced by TeraVault Capital Entertainment and engineered by KAISOUND.

the tales from the top shelf

the tales from the top shelf don’t shine enough to be sold —and nor does their hope of ever being told

because the dust that engulfs her becomes suffocating, her porcelain pose and limbs are just left there waiting,

as the time melts away

into sunlight to sundown and the world that she lives in becomes the emptiest ghost town

for her pretty face was still easily forgotten and the cracks in the mask are decayed and rotten

her stories lost to the very top shelf, are fading as memories grow old. she matters not to him, nor to herself, for what’s a story if never told?

About Nyah Rylie

Toronto born, London found, and exploring Honolulu, 16-year-old nyah rylie is a new emerging alt-pop and indie-pop singer, songwriter and lyricist who draws inspiration from artists Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Maisie Peters, and dodie to name a few. From the early days when she learned to speak and soon after sing, nyah has always had a passion for music and continues to work towards her goals. nyah rylie currently released her second single ‘almost’ on all major online platforms.

Since the age of 4 years old, nyah rylie had a passion for singing, music, and a flair for dramatic performance. Embracing her young child-like side, energy, and imagination, her music and lyrics embody both the whimsical nature of being young and the challenges of coming-of-age through experience, authentic emotion, and voice.