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TeraVault Foundation once again joined forces for the second consecutive year with the Children of Cebu Foundation Inc

In December 2023, the TeraVault Foundation once again joined forces for the second consecutive year with the Children of Cebu Foundation Inc., making a positive impact on lives and motivating others to contribute to the community.

And it wasn’t just about the donations, it was about being there for the children, letting them feel that they’re not alone. Since 2022, these wonderful kids have woven their way into our hearts, sharing stories that have moved and inspired us in countless ways. From our first encounter, we recognized and witnessed the immense potential within them. Taking the time to understand them better, we strive to be a constant presence, not just on special occasions. Our goal is to impart the belief that someone is rooting for them to succeed, becoming the brightest stars we’ve ever seen.

As we deepened our connection, it became evident that these children needed more than just material possessions – they craved the affection and care of older siblings. They longed to experience having someone to rely on, someone to listen to their stories, and someone to celebrate their victories, no matter how small. What a blessing it is for us to be part of these moments.

We were thrilled to successfully refurbish both the boys’ and girls’ rooms, which had suffered damage from cyclone Odette. This effort has provided them with a secure and nurturing environment, instilling a sense of value and readiness to face the world.

The success of these events is made possible by the generous financial backing from HiTechHui, Cyberuptive, Connect Technology, and the TeraVault Software crew.

We eagerly anticipate dedicating more effort and engaging with our supporters for the initiatives in 2024. This will include an educational aspect aimed at breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse.

If you’d like to join us on this incredible journey of creating a positive impact in the world, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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~Inspire Others~

We’re so excited to share some heartwarming snapshots from TeraVault’s 2023 Christmas party.🎄

It’s truly lovely seeing everyone’s big smiles throughout the night. These moments are a beautiful reminder that we’re not just co-workers but friends sharing incredible experiences.

Here’s to more shared smiles and unforgettable memories with this fantastic team! 🎉✨

Wishing you all an Advance Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Fang-tastic snapshots from TeraVault Inc Vampire’s Ball on October 28th 2023 🦇🎃

A big shoutout to our costume winners and everyone who decked out in thrilling attire – you made the night truly electrifying! 🌟

We hope you had a fang-tastic time with our ghoulishly fun activities, filling your evening with delight and excitement. 🦇🕷️

Happy Halloween, to all of you! 🍬👻