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Nyah Rylie

21-year-old nyah rylie is a Filipino-Canadian singer/songwriter who mainly collaborates with her younger brother and producer, dylan liam. Exploring themes of love, existentialism, and escapism, her lyricism captures the raw emotion and intricacies of the human experience, perfectly complimenting the intensity of his complex instrumentation. On the other hand, her solo music favours a more stripped-down, acoustic feel that reflects both the vulnerability songwriting allows her and the influences of Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, Phoebe Bridgers, and Maisie Peters as her musical inspirations.

From the early days of Disney Princess sing-a-longs and scene reenactments, to first learning how to put her poetry to piano chords at 13, her passion for music has been a constant through her cycles of self-reinvention and moves across countries through her teen years. As a result, her sound has continued to transform as she works with musicians and producers internationally. nyah rylie has also been featured on iHeartRadio’s ‘Unsigned Hawaii’ podcast for 93.9 The Beat.

Music, for her, is the place where she can pour her deepest feelings and most honest thoughts unapologetically. She hopes that through music, she can connect not only with her most authentic self, but with those who relate to the experiences she writes about— so that they may find solace in the fact that somebody understands.