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Helping people and giving back to the Cebu community

One of our initiatives for this year was helping people and giving back to the Cebu community. Our search for charitable causes to support led us to the Parian Drop-in Centre, a shelter for 18 less fortunate but beautiful children.

We met kids from various families, each with their own unique struggles to share. But even though they were separated from their parents and loved ones, these kids won our hearts because they continued to thrive and smile those incredible, priceless smiles at everyone.

Who could possibly not be touched seeing those from them?

Who wouldn’t want to see them all live the lives they’ve always dreamed of?

We were humbled and touched when others were inspired to join this great cause, creating a positive ripple of energy and a snowball effort for the foundation.

One of our founders can relate to these kids and wanted to inspire and motivate them by showing them that anything is possible.

These were the moments when the TeraVault Foundation was founded. A foundation that was established to change lives and inspire others to give back more to the community.

But nothing could be possible without the wonderful financial support we’ve raised from our kind sponsors, Hi Tech Hui, A Learning Place, A Teaching Place, and Divinety.

We were able to spark self-esteem and confidence in these children by providing each of them with personalized Christmas gifts, school books, bags, shoes, and a lot of love.

We were able to purchase a refrigerator and are currently repairing and rebuilding another children’s room, which was destroyed by Typhoon Odette, and yet we’ve only just started and cannot wait to do more.

This is not a one-time event, but a long-term mission to provide unending support, love, and guidance to these lovely children.

A message that they matter in this world.

And to the amazing volunteers and the entire TeraVault Software team, especially our incredible HR & Culture Officer, Miss Kara Pearl Igot. All of this is only possible because of all of you, so thank you for all your work and effort.

Nevertheless, we’re sharing with you some joyous moments we had in celebration of the event through these photos and videos, with the hope that this will inspire you to give back to your community.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


TeraVault Foundation: Inspire Others.