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Sydney, Australia


Single Page App with React, Node JavaScript using Apollo GraphQL, and MongoDB on AWS Serverless Architecture

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ALPATP is an Australian online education technology company that has developed research-based and curriculum-aligned teaching resources and education services for teachers and schools. The founder wanted to develop the current WordPress website into a high-growth, scalability, performance, and secure SaaS web application with the vision to expand globally. In addition, creating additional services for students and integrating analytics, marketplace, artificial intelligence and machine learning


We provided our technical advice, product innovation, marketing and branding strategy, business structure, investment plans, helped build their remote team, which consists of a product manager, developers, designers and digital marketers.


ALPATP SaaS web application uses scope and sequences that use both empirical and logical bases to ensure that each concept builds upon earlier learning. Quality Teaching and Learning Pedagogy is embedded throughout the resources, using teacher-to-student and student-to-student Socratic strategic questioning, accurate mathematical metalanguage, and inclusive student-led differentiation to promote an authentic growth mindset and productive struggle allowing every student to learn at their leading edge.

Within 10 months and with a competitive budget, ALPATP SaaS web application was successfully launched.

We believed in the founder and shared their philosophy, and the opportunity, and through our hands-on working partnership with the founder, we essentially co-built and co-invested in the venture together. Therefore, increasing the valuation of the company and the genuine support team around the exceptional founder, so watch this space.