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Honolulu, Hawaii, & Frederick, Maryland, US

HI Tech Hui

IT MSP and Cybersecurity

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Hi Tech Hui faces significant challenges centered on guaranteeing 24/7 support and availability to their clients, while simultaneously managing scalability and flexibility within the highly competitive IT talent pool. Moreover, they must navigate the delicate balance between costs and profitability in an industry characterised by intense competition.


TeraVault provided a dedicated and remote team comprising technical, cyber, accounts, and personal assistance. This team operated from our secure, exclusive and redundancy office in Cebu City, Philippines. TeraVault emphasizes transparency and client control throughout the search and interviewing process, facilitating seamless training, cultural integration, and communication during onboarding. Our services also offers flexibility and scalability options, with the ability to provide 24/7 support at affordable costs.


Hiring remote staff has yielded numerous benefits for HI Tech Hui. They gained full control over the hiring process, ensuring that only the most talented individuals joined their team while seamlessly integrating into their company culture. Communication was effortless, facilitated by top-notch infrastructure and tools provided by TeraVault’s secure, exclusive and redundancy setup office. HI Tech Hui found a reliable and trustworthy ally who comprehended their objectives and work environment. With TeraVault’s BPO services, they experienced the flexibility to scale their team according to their growth without unnecessary regulations or compliance burdens. Most importantly, TeraVault’s BPO solution proved to be cost-effective, enabling them to expand their services across the US in a cost-efficient manner.