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Vancouver, Canada


.NET Desktop App and Client Web App (Blazor C#/.NET) on Microsoft Azure and Kubernetes

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Rapid development of a minimum viable product (MVP) then Commercialized Product from current proof of concept (PoC) used by Canadian Physicians.


Assisted Founders with implementing software development process (SDLC), Agile development model and continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD). Migrated from a proof of concept (PoC) to a minimum viable product (MVP) to fully commercialized product version 1.18. Hired onshore interim product manager and software operations architect to assist in-house software developer lead. Hired additional offshore full-stack developers, a UI/UX designer, a dedicated business systems analyst and a quality assurance analyst. End to end implementation and management of Microsoft Azure and Kubernetes. (Website)


75% financial cost savings with nine (9) months rapid development from PoC to commercialization over eighteen (18) agile development sprints. Continuous agile sprint development. CapEx to OpEx cost-savings from utilization of Azure cloud and virtualization.