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Toronto, Ontario, Canada


PHP, Laravel, Bootstrap, JQuery, OpenAPI, Google Maps API, AI, ML, Swift, Kotlin and MySQL

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Hotel travellers want to feel directly connected to the local culture, having an unique and authentic experiences and be a part of the community. Hospitality industry has been slow to adopt innovative technologies and are disconnected with their customers and the current sharing economy.


Tripian provides expert-curated, authentic recommendations and AI\ML suggestions that can be customized for each hotel and traveller.

1.) Hyper-Personalized Recommendations – Tripian generates hyper-personalized places of interest recommendations based on trip details, user profile and behavior

2.) Digital Itinerary Builder – Our smart route planner maps out the recommendations as daily interactive itineraries, based on relevancy, distance and business hours.

3.) Location Based Recommendations – Our system can deliver multiple category recommendations based on specific coordinates or user’s current location.

4.) User Profile Enhancement – Tripian can create new or enhance your existing user profiless by capturing user preferences and behavior.

5.) Insights with Tripian Analytics – Learn more about your customer insights.

Tripian Analytics utilised our Nested Artificial Intelligence™, multiple data and deep user insights to deliver valuable information around user profiles, activities, and interest to help your business and enhance customer experiences.

6.) Rich Curated Database – True personalization starts with rich data. From top attractions to trendy restaurants, hidden local gems to cool finds, must taste foods to unique neighbourhoods, our database features only the best places of interest in over 300 cities worldwide.

7.) Tripian API – Tripian can be easily integrated into your existing online business application and having access to highly personalized PoI recommendations along with powerful itinerary planning tools, attraction tickets and local experiences covering 300+ cities worldwide.

Our technology allows travellers to create unique experiences with just a few clicks. The app is fast, east to navigate and can be used offline.



Feel Like A Local Wherever You Go™

Tripian is an all-in-one travel ecosystem, equipped with an A.I. powered recommendation engine, empowering travel brands to deliver seamless and highly personalized travel experiences to their customers.
We work with financial institutions, OTAs, airlines, loyalty programs, EVs, concierge service providers, hotel chains, cruise liners and tourism boards around the globe.